Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Get the Whole of France in Your Pocket

It's not always easy to juggle between guides, maps and brochures during a journey in France. You need to find the right document, look for the right page, sometimes add to the information by consulting another source, and repeat the process for each place you visit.

The France-Voyage.com guide offers a simple, complete solution to make life easier for holidaymakers on the road. You just need to log in to http://m.france-voyage.com/en using your mobile.

The guide automatically locates the user's geographic position, and presents a detailed, illustrated list of tourist attractions nearby, ideas for outings, leisure activities, and all useful services: interactive map, weather forecasts, restaurants and accommodation.

iPhone and Android Smartphone users can even view interesting places near them, using augmented reality, which overlays selected sites onto a picture taken by the device's camera. The France-Voyage.com mobile guide updates itself completely as the holidaymaker changes position, so you can travel all over France with a single, consistent interface that fits in your pocket!

Those who like to plan their holidays in advance can also put together a custom itinerary at France-Voyage.com before they leave, on their computer. They can then find each stage on their mobile on a day-to-day, personalised basis. In this case, the guide also acts as an indispensable dashboard that means you spend less time on logistics, and more time enjoying your holidays!

About France-Voyage.com

France-Voyage.com is a guide specialising in tourism in France, since 2003. Available in 6 languages, the France-Voyage.com website is visited by over 18 million holidaymakers every year, looking for practical and cultural information or help with planning their next trip.

Visit France-Voyage.com.

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