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All About Honeymoons

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Your honeymoon is one of the most precious times you will spend together. It is a special and intimate interlude that allows you to escape into a world of your own, an interlude in which to deepen the bonds between you and focus solely on one another. 

After the rush and bustle of your wedding, a honeymoon gives you precious time out to relax, revel in one another’s company and dream dreams of your future together. We know that when you are preparing for your wedding, it seems that there are never enough hours in the day. But no matter how busy you are, take the time to plan your honeymoon now. Your hard work will be rewarded when your wedding day has passed and the only distraction you have is each other. 

If you’re leaving on your honeymoon the day after your wedding, arrange your departure for later in the day if possible. You need to allow yourselves some loving time alone when you wake up, rather than racing off for another long and tiring day. 

Your honeymoon marks the official start of your lives together. It is also your chance to let the stress of months of wedding preparations melt away. The exhausting rush of couturiers, caterers and champagne is over, and the idyllic days and nights of your honeymoon stretch languorously before you. 

When you start planning your wedding, set aside some time to discuss your honeymoon. Is your idea of holiday heaven an island hideaway, a country retreat, an idyllic cruise or a ski lodge with a roaring open fire? Does sightseeing in exotic overseas locations appeal, or are you night birds who thrive casinos and bright city lights? How about a month spent lazing on a beach, or would you prefer getting away to a romantic European city? If you both agree on your ultimate holiday destination, that’s wonderful. If not, work out a compromise and choose a location where you will both be able to enjoy yourselves. 

Once you have a destination in mind, find out whether there are factors to consider that might affect the time of year you book. To ensure they enjoy the best their destination has to offer, many couples decide on a honeymoon date before they set their wedding date. Obviously your budget as well as the amount of time you can escape from work will have an impact on where and for how long you can honeymoon. However, make the most of this opportunity and try to indulge yourselves as much as possible. Budget stretching strategies include taking advantage of special travel offers, off-season accommodation options, and the considerable savings available with early bird airfares. 

Package holidays are a popular choice for honeymooners. They usually represent great value and cover travel, accommodation, airport transfers, and some or all of your meals. However, before booking be sure to check the fine print so that you know exactly what is included in your package. Look for a package that offers plenty of bonuses such as breakfasts and free tours. 

If you are travelling overseas, ensure that you have had the necessary vaccinations and that your travel documents are in order. If you don’t have a passport, apply for one at least two months before your wedding. It takes several weeks to process a passport, and even longer to obtain some visas. If you are travelling straight after the ceremony, your passport will have to be in your maiden name. Official documents can’t be issued in your married name until after the actual ceremony. For safety information on any destination you may be thinking of visiting, visit www.smartraveller.gov.au where you will find up-to-date Australian Government travel advisories. 

Of course, you don’t have to travel overseas to find your slice of heaven. Australia boasts some of the most striking locations in the world, and an array of holiday experiences that includes cosmopolitan cities, outback adventures, pristine island getaways, glorious beaches and dazzling snowfields. Whatever destination you eventually choose, your honeymoon rewards you with precious time alone together. Enjoy every last minute of it.

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