Friday, February 10, 2012

Design Hotels 2012 Book

This year’s annual edition of The Design Hotels book comes with 220 unique and inspiring hotels worldwide featuring 21 new member hotels and including new destinations like Sydney, Bogotá, Portobelo and Nairobi. With the new book, readers can explore the gateways to some of the most creative neighborhoods around the world – Design Hotels’ member properties. 

Whether it’s the little street of old-time weavers or an area where a new generation of “urban artists” express themselves on walls, furniture and whatever else they can find, each locality is unique and each one tells a special story of where you are.

“A hotel should be much more than a beacon of creativity and hospitality. It should be a member of the community. At times it’s a valued partner standing alongside other businesses in a local scene. But it can also be a leading figure, helping a neighborhood transform itself as it takes on an exciting new shape and purpose,” says Design Hotels founder and CEO Claus Sendlinger. 

The member properties do this by offering guests a slice of local experiences that are topical. They are meeting places for creative folks and individuals looking for like-minded company. Their staff is absorbed into the fabric of the neighborhood, so much so, that it’s like visiting a cool friend in an unknown city.

So go on and flip through the pages of Design Hotels' new book and choose not just hotels to stay but places to be.

Visit Design Hotels and selected book retailers worldwide to grab a copy.

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