Friday, April 9, 2010

Parisian Hotels: Chic Magnet

This fabulous article by Terry Durack for Qantas Travel Insider will show you how to slumber in style in boutique Parisian hotels that deliver more than a soupçon of groovy…

If you are going to attract 78 million tourists a year, then the least you can do is have somewhere nice for them to sleep. In Paris, the nicest place to stay is the boutique hotel, that paean to art, design and aesthetics. Today’s boutique hotels go beyond the gilt to give us an even greater luxury – individuality. These smaller, more personal places reflect the character of the area they are in, the people who own them and the people who stay in them. You don’t get cookie-cutter bedrooms, you get personality, humour, whimsy, art and vodka-filled chocolates. And the people who stay in them are just as interesting as you are. Here is the pick of the bunch in Paris today. Some may not have mini-bars, or even lobbies, others are too hip to have keys, but they all brilliantly reflect different facets of this wonderful, romantic city. In any one of these boutique hotels you could not be anywhere but Paris.

Hôtel Le A
4 Rue d’Artois (8e).

Hôtel Amour

8 Rue Navarin (9e).
Hôtel Keppler10 Rue Keppler (16e).
Hôtel du Petit Moulin
29-31 Rue du Poitou (3e).

Hôtel le Placide
6 Rue Saint-Placide (6e).

Hôtel Odéon Saint-Germain
13 Rue Saint-Sulpice (6e).

Hôtel Sezz
6 Avenue Frémiet (16e).

Hôtel Thérèse
5-7 Rue Thérèse (1er).

Murano Urban Resort
13 Boulevard du Temple (3e).

Source: Qantas the Australian Way November 2008 

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