Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New York, New York...

Greenwich Hotel, New York

Choosing a hotel is an exciting part of planning any overseas trip. Aaron Peasley for Qantas Travel Insider shares some expert advice on how to choose from the many and varied hotels in the magical city of New York...

As far as lodging options go, New York City spans an enormous spectrum. On one hand are feats of painstaking expense and design such as the Ty Warner penthouse atop the Four Seasons, the keys to which cost a preposterous $US34,000 ($50,940) a night. On the other hand, the budget end of the market is characterised by rooms that would make a gulag look luxurious. With such extremes, visitors are faced with a tough question: slum it or blow the budget?

Let’s face it: New York may be the city that never sleeps, but even the most insomnious visitor requires a place to lay his head. Last year New York attracted more than 46 million tourists and, with room occupancy around 90 per cent, demand continues to grow. 

Style-wise, there is something for everyone. While there has been a recent move away from the ’90s whimsical minimalism of Philippe Starck to a more baroque sensibility (The Bowery Hotel, The Gramercy Park Hotel), the new hotel rooms span everything from the cool millennial style of Cooper Square Hotel to the patrician romance of The Greenwich Hotel. 

As everyone knows, you need not be rich to enjoy New York City. A stylish hotel is another story. Perhaps most comforting is that this boom includes some stylish and affordable options. The Standard Hotel, part of the chic and affordable chainlet, which stands sentinel above the soon-to-open High Line, will have gentle rates but phenomenal views. 

Nearby is the quirky new Jane Hotel, once a sailors’ hostel, which has some of the tiniest rooms in the city. Yet hoteliers Sean MacPherson and Eric Goode managed to pack in an incredible amount of style. Buying an old hostel may seem an odd choice for the team that recently opened ultra-luxurious The Bowery Hotel, but if anyone can turn a frowzy hostel into a destination for the frugal and fabulous, they can.

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