Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Luxe City Guides

Berlin is fast becoming the new celeb fave - Leo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli just hung out there. Find out the places to play, stay and eat in this compact guide.

Come to see the Wall? Well, you’re about twenty years too late, mein Liebling. Marlene may have liked to see what the boys in the backroom would have, but those frosty, austere days of yore are no more. Berlin has blossomed into a springtime of spot-on trend and feisty design; the epitome of cool, laid back charm from east to west and back again. With her underground vibe, perpetual nightlife, edgy, inimitable style and creativity, she’s luring artists, tastemakers and the culture curious from the world over.

Fancy exclusive access inside some of the city’s architectural marvels normally closed to the public? Ja? What would you say to bespoke, artisanal porcelain, jewellery, wallpaper, hats and perfume made to order? Mmm, ja ja! How about stashes of rare, collectible furniture by the most eminent names in C.20th design and an entrée into the scorching art scene making Berlin the epicentre of cool? Fabelhaft! Well, consider it done. Don’t get bitte, get shopping.

LUXE Berlin. Lean, mean und on das scene.

City Guide - $14.99. Visit Luxe

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